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By Chadsey's Cairns - Gewürztraminer


2007 Gewürztraminer: $20.00  Traditional lychee nose, silky smooth going down.  A slightly off dry wine that pairs well with Thai food and fresh tropical fruit.

2008 Gewürztraminer: $21.00 


(pronounced Guh-VURTS-trah-mee-ner) A hard-to-pronounce, but unforgettable wine, Gewürz is known for its distinctive perfumed scent and tropical fruit tastes.  Some people love it and search for new Gewürzs to experience, while others heartily dislike it.  When grown in hot climates, this dark pink grape is faulted with having too much of everything. But in cool climates, Gewürz develops sufficient acid that takes the edge off a potentially cloying sweetness, and perks up the pungent lychee and peach sensations so that the wine is delicately exotic.  We were thrilled when our first Gewürz wine developed a cult following, and wished we had planted more. [2.1 acres; planted 2000-02]

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