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By Chadsey's Cairns - Chenin Blanc


2007 Chenin Blanc: $24.00 Our typical offering.  A dry, refreshing wine with its distinct salty minerality and crisp lemon finish.  Great with seafood.

2008 Chenin Blanc: $24.00
Notes to be updated on this wine soon .


This is our most serendipitous grape.   We agreed to buy 1,200 leftover Chenin vines from another planting, a varietal we hadn’t considered.  What the heck, we thought.  One of the most versatile grapes, and misunderstood wines, Chenin Blanc ranges from an ordinary, simple wine made in hot climates where the yields are too heavy, to a nervy, long-lasting, premium wine made in all levels of sweetness in its home, the Loire Valley.  We fantasized about a honeyed Loire-styled Chenin  (fat chance in the county’s cooler climes), but instead have been rewarded with a Chenin that is consistently refreshing with a distinct salty minerality and crisp lemon finish.  Some people say it smells like the ocean (mingled with pear), not surprising since it’s grown in our ancient beach soils.  These people prefer their Chenin with seafood, particularly oysters.  [1.2 acres; planted 2001]

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