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Karlo Estates

Karlo Estates is located in the hub of the exciting new wine region of Prince Edward County ("The County"). Its 93 rolling acres of Burgundian soil straddle the regions of Wellington and Hillier. You will find it on historic Danforth Road, built in 1799. (Yes, the same Danforth famous for Greek food in Toronto.)

Ideally situated close to the shores of Lake Ontario, Karlo Estates enjoys the lake's moderating effects to alleviate Canada's harsh winters and hot summers. The soil, made up of limestone and the famous Hillier clay, closely resembles the celebrated soil of the Burgundy region of France. With latitude similar to Burgundy as well, the County's Karlo Estates promises to produce great Canadian Wines with a distinctive terroir.

Karlo Estates undertook its first planting of grapes in the spring of 2006. The initial varietals planned for Karlo Estates terroir where Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Frontenac for the reds; and Pinot Gris, Riesling and Chardonnay Musque for the whites where also planted.

We hope you enjoy our artisan wines. Thanks to limestone soils, hand crafting and low yeilds, expect delicate complexity in a lighter weight with a refined texture.

Karlo Estates joins the pionering spirit to offer 100% premium Canadian wines in beautiful Prince Edward County. We are dedicated to bring you wine with character.

Visit us online at www.KarloEstates.com

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