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Norm Hardie - County Pinot Noir Unfiltered - 2008

LCBO# 125310   $35/bottle    $420/case

Natalie McLain (Sommelier and Wine Writer) Score: 94/100 
This pinot jumps out of this glass with a gorgeous floral bouquet of wild violets and rose petals. There's also lusciously ripe, fleshy cherries and field strawberries. I love when I have to give up describing a wine and just say, please go try it while you can! Food matches: rich fishes, crustaceons, lighter red meats.

Chris Waters (Chief Editor of Vines Magazine) Score: 4.5/5
Terrific cranberry/cherry aromas mingle with fragrant woodsy/earthy notes on the nose of this subtle yet substantial Pinot Noir. The bright red fruit character replays on the palate, which is amazingly integrated and long at this early stage of development. The purity of the flavour profile and unwavering mineral focus make this a lighter style Pinot (11.5 percent alcohol) that’s going to wow fans of graceful wines that whisper as opposed to shout.

Jamie Drummond (Director/Sommelier of Good Food Media) Score: 4.5/5
Barring his next door neighbor Dan Sullivan at Rosehall Run, I have always felt that Norm has a touch with Prince Edward County Pinot Noir that is second-to-none. It’s the vineyards of course, and the way in which these two talented Winemakers take care of said vineyards. This edition shows a wonderful delicacy of red fruit aromatics: raspberries, wild strawberries. There is also an ethereal perfume that I just couldn’t put my olfactory finger upon. The limestone seems to sing from the soil to the roots, the roots to the vine, the vine to the grape, the grape to the wine, the wine to your entire experience. It’s a very classic linear wine, and with its relatively low alcohol not a wine that will necessarily please the bullied palates of those weaned on Sideways-leaning Golden State Pinots, but for me it is pretty damn close to perfection. There is a lot of wine in this glass if you know where to look.

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