We're Joe & Del, "The Wine Couple", and we moved to the county for one reason: the wine! We found many other things here since we've moved (like the food, arts and the friendliness of the people) but we remain committed to our love of the wine!

We hope to have every winery on this site and have the most extensive list of every wine in the county! Search for your favorite wine or winery using the search bar at the top left of this page and feel free to leave comments on the site. Your fellow wine lovers will appreciate the feedback ... ENJOY!

By Chadsey's Cairns - Pinot Noir


2005 Pinot Noir: $9.00 (375 ml bottle)
Cherry bomb on the nose, peppery finish, firm tannins.  Sold in half bottles.

2007 Pinot Noir: $24.00 
Our best Pinot yet—delicate and refined, layered with cherry, pepper and toasty oak.

2008 Pinot Noir: $24.00 
Lots of cherry (red, black, sweet and sour), smoky beetroot, a hint of pepper and a solid tannin finish. Pairs well with roast chicken, pork, veal chops, lamb and duck that require a lighter red wine touch.


Ahh, the wine that inspires an unending quest for the next bottle, with luck another exquisite expression of terroir.  Known as the heartbreak grape because it can be difficult to grow and vinify, the thin-skinned, black Pinot grape produces a fruity, lightish red wine that nevertheless tastes serious with a thoughtful and sensual layering of flavours: red berries, violets and pepper to name a few, whatever it has drawn from the particular vineyard location.  Pursuit of Pinot has turned many into wine geeks.  Like Burgundy, the exalted home of Pinot, the Prince Edward County is favoured with limestone soils, and a cool climate that slows down ripening to maintain aromas and taste complexity. [2.5 acres; planted 2001-02]

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